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The best LAPA loadout in Warzone, and how to unlock it

Which barrel to select on this unusual SMG

Looking for the best LAPA loadout in Warzone Pacific? Treyarch and Raven Software are sending Cold War out with a bang, adding a series of unusual, interesting weapons in the final seasons. The LAPA SMG is the latest, and one of the most intriguing yet. Several of its barrel attachments alter the LAPA’s damage and fire rate. That variety makes the LAPA a very fun gun to customize and play around with. Of course, there is always a best configuration. Once you’ve had your fun and are ready to sweat, we’re here to help.

Best LAPA loadout

The LAPA’s range isn’t great, but up close it has monstrous potential. Its high neck and head multipliers make for a skill-dependant weapon, but in the right hands, with the right build, the LAPA fries. Here’s our build of choice:

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: Rifled Barrel
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Stock: Raider Stock
  • Ammunition: 50 Round

As usual, we’re starting off with an Agency Suppressor. Added range and bullet velocity on a suppressor remain nigh-impossible to pass up. As long as you’re using a Cold War weapon, you’ll want this attachment. Things get interesting with the barrel. We’ve gone with the Rifled Barrel, which provides the most consistent damage profile. The LAPA very much relies on chest, neck, and headshots, but the Rifled Barrel helps even out the damage to the stomach and limbs. All of the barrels are frankly pretty close in power though, so try a few and see what feels right.

After the barrel, we return to our standard SMG attachment list. The Tiger Team Spotlight and Raider Stock provide tremendous boosts to your movement speed, which is key in close-range fights. For your magazine, you’ll want the largest one available to avoid an ill-timed reload. In this case, it’s the 50 Round Magazine. Unfortunately, the LAPA has some ugly ironsights. If you find yourself losing targets in their cramped frame, try a Microflex LED. You can either drop the Raider Stock or go with the default barrel to squeeze that optic in.

Secondary weapon

The LAPA isn’t an ideal sniper support, so we’d recommend pairing it with a long-range Assault Rifle or LMG. You have a ton of options for ARs in Warzone Season 6, including the EM2, XM4, and FARA 83. For LMGs, the MG82 is the clear front runner for now.

The Haunting event challenges in Cold War

How to unlock the LAPA in Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War

The LAPA’s unlock challenges are as unique as its barrel attachments. Currently, the process is tied to the ongoing Haunting event. Instead of completing a single challenge, as usual, you must complete a series of challenges (viewed in-game under the Haunting tab) for various cosmetic rewards. Once you’ve finished them all, the LAPA is yours. Several of the Warzone challenges are RNG-dependant and will require some luck with finding Hallucinations in crates at the right time. If you own Cold War, we recommend you unlock the LAPA there.

In Cold War, there are multiplayer and Zombies versions of each challenge. This allows you to mix and match the modes you use to unlock the LAPA, which can ease things a bit. On aggregate though, Zombies will be your fastest option. You can pretty much knock all nine challenges out playing Outbreak mode like normal.

We expect that a new challenge will be available to unlock the LAPA when the Haunting event wraps up on November 2 and will update you here if and when that happens.

That’s everything you need to get rolling with the LAPA in Warzone Season 6! If you need help rounding out your loadout, visit our guide to the best loadouts in Warzone. For a full picture of the current meta, see our best guns tier list for rankings of every primary weapon in the game.

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