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Best M16 class in Cold War: best M16 loadout (plus Gunfighter)

This M16 class loadout gives you one of the best weapons in Cold War

The M16 is one of the strongest weapons in Call Of Duty: Cold War right now, thanks to its ability to "one-burst-kill" an enemy even over sniper distances thanks to its superbly accurate and powerful three-shot bursts. In this guide I'll show you how to set up the best M16 class in Cold War right now, with explanations on each attachment used.

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Best M16 class in Cold War - M16 loadout

Let's start off with a rundown of the five attachments you need to create the best M16 loadout in Cold War:

  • Optic: Sillix Holoscout
  • Muzzle: None
  • Barrel: 20.5'' Match Grade
  • Body: None
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Foregrip
  • Magazine: None
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Stock: SAS Combat Stock

This M16 loadout is designed to maximise your damage and accuracy so you can one-burst-kill enemies even at the longest possible ranges. Key to this is the Match Grade barrel, which doubles the rifle's effective range. To decrease recoil for those long shots, we've also added the Field Agent Foregrip.

ADS speed is as important here as it would be for a sniper rifle like the Pelington, so we've opted for one of our favourite attachments - the Airborne Elastic Wrap - to speed up ADS while also minimising flinch. The SAS Combat Stock is another amazing attachment on the M16, which enormously increases our movement speed while aiming and shooting. And finally, the Sillix Holoscout optic gives us a clear visual for close range and long range engagements alike.

Take a look at the stat changes brought about by these five attachments in the table below:

M16 statsBaseLoadoutDifference
Damage Range25.4 m50.8 m+100%
Vert. Recoil390 j351 j+10%
Horiz. Recoil-80 j-48 j+40%
Aim Walk Move Spd3.28 mph5.84 mph+78%
ADS Speed350 ms245 ms+30%
Aim While Going ProneNoYesN/A
Idle Sway Control1516+7%
Flinch Resist10 N1 N+90%
Sprint Move Spd10.26 mph9.74 mph-5%
Shoot Move Spd8.1 mph6.4 mph-21%
Sprint To Fire Time400 ms460 ms-15%
Hipfire Accuracy8.5 mils9.77 mils-15%

Secondary weapon

The M16 only really falls short in close-range engagements, so our ideal secondary weapon has to make up for this deficit. The Bullfrog is an excellent SMG with a high magazine capacity and low recoil, and as such is our recommendation for a secondary weapon. Check out our Best Bullfrog class in Cold War guide for details on the best attachments to use with it.

If you lack the ability to equip two primary weapons, then I'd always suggest using the old reliable Hauer 77 shotgun with the Task Force barrel. This pump-action shotgun delivers remarkably high damage per shot and is capable of obliterating any enemy that gets too close.

Best M16 loadout with Gunfighter Wildcard

Of course, there's one way to make the M16 even better than the loadout detailed above, and that's to use all eight attachment slots. You can only do this by equipping the Gunfighter Wildcard, but once you do, here are the remaining attachments we'd suggest:

  • Muzzle: Muzzle Brake 5.56
  • Body: Soft Target Designator
  • Magazine: Jungle-Style Mag

I honestly think 30 rounds is enough for the M16, but it's nice to be able to reload faster - hence the Jungle-Style Mag, which gives you no downsides at all. The Soft Target Designator gives you a much greater reveal distance while ADSing, and the Muzzle Brake helps to cut the vertical recoil down further, allowing for those wonderful triple headshots.

And that wraps up our guide to the best M16 class loadout we've found so far in Call Of Duty: Cold War. But we've got plenty more Cold War guides for you to peruse! Why not start with our Cold War weapon stats guide?

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