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Best Outriders Legendary farm: how to farm Legendary items in Outriders

Here are the best Outriders Legendary farm spots we've found

A Legendary farm in Outriders is a location or method where you can easily get guaranteed Legendary items as loot. And seeing as Legendaries in Outriders are often outrageously powerful, I think everyone can see why Legendary farms are quite the hot topic.

Below we'll walk you through two contenders for the best Outriders Legendary farm that we've found so far, and exactly how to go about farming those Legendaries so you can perfect your character's loadout.

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Best Outriders Legendary farm

If you've completed the story of Outriders and you're now looking to farm Legendary gear until you've got the perfect loadout, then these are two of the best methods for Legendary farming in the game.

Outriders Legendary farm #1: Final boss fight

The first Legendary farm method is to replay the final boss fight in Outriders over and over, because each time you defeat Yagak, you'll get a guaranteed Legendary drop.

I'd recommend setting your World Tier to 1 for the fight itself, then setting the World Tier back up to your highest unlocked tier before you open the chest after the fight ends. But please note that this farm will only give you the 11 Legendaries from the Outriders demo.

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Outriders Legendary farm #2: Hunted, Wanted, and Historian quests

Another excellent Legendary farm in Outriders is the trio of Hunted, Wanted, and Historian side quest lines. Each of these side quest lines has 10 missions, and completing all 10 of them will give you a Legendary item.

So if you blast through the 30 missions on World Tier 1 (which won't actually take you that long - perhaps an hour), then you'll get 3 guaranteed Legendary drops at the end. The other good news is that these quests are dotted about the map and many locations are home to multiple Hunted, Wanted, and Historian quests, which means you can just work your way systematically across the Outriders map to complete these quests.

When you've finished all the quests, just talk to Madame Beavoir in Rift Town for the Historian quests, and Noah Dembele and Ujio in Trench Town's bar for the Hunted and Wanted quests respectively. Each contact will give you a Legendary item after finishing all their quests, after which you can talk to them again to reset the quest lines and do it all again for more Legendary loot!

Those are our two best Outriders Legendary farming spots so far. While you're here, you may want to take a look at our page on Outriders World Tier farming as well.

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