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The best Cyber Monday deals on PC games

It's Cyber Monday, and there are still plenty of PC game deals for one last day

Black Friday is in the rearview mirror, but Cyber Monday is here for one last hurrah. That means there are still great PC game deals left over from the last week, as well as some new ones just for today - including discounts on cracking recent releases and older classics available for spare change.

On the flipside, we're not expecting these games to go even cheaper now that Black Friday is over, so if you see a deal you fancy, you might as well go for it straight away. Some games might be discounted across multiple retailers, but with our picks of the best game deals below, we've made sure that each price beats or at least matches sale prices elsewhere.

If you are still angling for some new kit to play these games on, you can have a browse of our main Cyber Monday deals hub as well as our assortment of product-specific hubs linked below. Loads of hardware deals are, like these game deals, still going strong.

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The best Cyber Monday PC game deals on GOG.com

GOG had a few dozen games, DLCs and soundtracks in both its pre-Black Friday sale and its main Black Friday event, though sadly only a handful remain now. Here are the highlights of what's still on offer:

The best Cyber Monday PC game deals on Green Man Gaming

Caelyn has picked out a few tasy deals from GMG's sales, which span everything from gigantic discounts on AAA manstabs to the co-op horror submarine sim Barotrauma.

The best Cyber Monday PC game deals on Gamesplanet

Trusted reseller Gamesplanet has entered the deal-o-sphere with its early Xmas deals - now in its second week - that conveniently coincides with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some of its best deals are as follows, including Assassin's Creed Valhalla, though note that it's cheaper in Green Man Gaming's sale.

A woman chases after a dog with a gun in its mouth in Far Cry 5

The best Cyber Monday PC game deals: the best of the rest

Ubisoft is celebrating its 35th birthday with discounts across the Far Cry and Assassin's Creed series - handy if you want to pick up the older AC games alongside the newer installments that Green Man Gaming has discounted.

  • You could go all in and get 79% off the Platinum Pack which will get you everything in the series up to and including Far Cry 5 and the New Dawn DLC.
  • Caelyn's personal fave is the prehistoric Far Cry Primal. This is the Digital Apex edition with all the add-ons, and is 75% off.
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