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Our PC games of the year 2014

The Best Bestest Best Post

It's December, which means it's time for another RPS Adve-- Oh. Oh no. It looks like someone forgot to buy an advent calendar this year. No glum portions of chocolate, no grim slog towards a too-distant day of celebration.

Instead we've found a new way to celebrate the best PC games of 2014. The bestest best games.

It'll work in broadly the same way as the old advent calendar: each day the team will gather to celebrate a single best game, and the list will culminate on December 24th with the bestest best game. A game so best all other games will be destroyed in its wake as soon as we declare it the winner.

One wonders why we'd do that, but nobody can stop us. The difference from before is that each celebrated game will be defined by category. These categories:

December 1st - Best Racing Game: Qvadriga
December 2nd - Best FPS: Wolfenstein The New Order
December 3rd - Best Tactics: Door Kickers
December 4th - Best Puzzle: Hexcells Infinite
December 5th - Best Word: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
December 6th - Best Combat: NEO Scavenger
December 7th - Best Landscape: Mountain
December 8th - Best 4X: Endless Legend
December 9th - Best Exploration: Salt
December 10th - Best Adventure: The Wolf Among Us
December 11th - Best Co-Op: Far Cry 4
December 12th - Best Kickstarter: Divinity: Original Sin
December 13th - Best Worldbuilding: Dark Souls II
December 14th - Best Strategy: Distant Worlds: Universe
December 15th - Best Words: Sunless Sea
December 16th - Best Action: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
December 17th - Best Horror: Alien: Isolation
December 18th - Best Gosh, What? A New Esport? Good: Smite
December 19th - Best Being Pleasantly Lost: Bernband
December 20th - Best Something Or Other: Legend of Grimrock 2
December 21st - Best WHAT: Secret Habitat
December 22nd - Best RPG: Dragon Age: Inquisition
December 23rd - Best CCG: Hearthstone
December 24th - Best Game: Endless Legend

The categories were chosen after the games, so we could work out which games we wanted to celebrate before we decided exactly how to celebrate them.

What game shall we declare queen of space or king of being pleasantly lost? Can we really draw a meaningful distinction between tactics and strategy? Is Something Or Other an actual category name or have we just not thought what to call that one yet? And what ever happened to that Best Space category we had listed? Bet you can't guess the answers.

(Bet you can guess some).

The first game will be revealed later this evening and this post will be updated accordingly throughout the month to link to each post. We'll even have a better, proper, not-rubbish header image soon. Golly! And most importantly, don't worry: your favourite game is definitely included, definitely.

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