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Best Sniper in Call Of Duty Cold War: Sniper Rifle tier list

Learn which is the best Sniper Rifle in Cold War so far

Sniper Rifles utterly dominated the Beta events of Call Of Duty: Cold War thanks to their extremely high quick-scoping potential and the fact that aim punch in Cold War doesn't affect your accuracy like in other Call Of Duty games. Since then, the class as a whole has been nerfed somewhat - but are they still dominant?

Below we'll walk you through each Sniper Rifle in turn from best to worst, and explain what we think is the best Sniper in Cold War right now.

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Best Sniper in Cold War

Let's cut to the chase: we think the best Sniper in Cold War is the Pelington 703, by far. This nippy sniper rifle offers the fastest possible route to a one-shot kill to the head or chest, and with the right attachments you can push the Pelington into god-tier territory.

We'll talk more about the Pelington 703 and its class rivals in a moment, but first let's take a quick look at the stats of each Sniper Rifle using this table from our Cold War weapon stats page.

Time To Kill1.1s1.3s333ms
Shots To Kill222
Effective Range127127127
Mag Size555
Reload Speed5.133
Muzzle Velocity500550525
Vert. Recoil5505501040
Hor. Recoil250350300
Hipfire Accuracy181818

Now we can walk through each Sniper in turn, from most to least effective in Cold War's current meta.

Pelington 703 - best Sniper Rifle in Cold War

The Pelington is by far your best bet for quick sniping, no-scoping, and generally using a Sniper in all the ways you'll want to be using it in Cold War multiplayer. Featuring a considerably faster ADS speed than the other two rifles on this list, along with a marginally faster fire rate than the LW3, the Pelington is an outstanding base Sniper which can be elevated to OP territory with the right attachments.

Check out our guide for building the best Pellington 703 class in Black Ops Cold War

LW3 Tundra

The only way in which the LW3 Tundra is superior to the Pelington is that it can kill in a single shot to the shoulders, while the Pelington needs a chest or head shot for the one-shot-kill. While this makes the LW3 a great choice for defending a chokepoint from a safe distance, while you're moving around you'll want a rifle with faster handling and ADS speeds than this.


The M82 is an interesting Sniper Rifle for sure. For quick follow up shots, there's nothing better thanks to its fast rate of fire (which inflates its DPS values far above the other two snipers). But everything else about the M82 is rather unpleasant, from its horribly slow ADS speed to its bucking bronco recoil every time you fire a shot. Certainly not a weapon to be used if you plan on moving around at all in a match.

That just about wraps up our Cold War Sniper Rifles guide. But that's not all we've got to offer when it comes to the latest Call Of Duty installment. Why not check out our Cold War Zombies guide while you're here?

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