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Best X-wing loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

Our X-wing loadout gives you one of the Republic's strongest ships

The X-wing is the pride of the Republic fleet in Star Wars: Squadrons, and it's also a dang fine ship. Great damage and great survivability combine to create a fantastic base for our best X-wing loadout, which adds a tonne of mobility to help destroy any Empire ship that dares challenge you. Check it out below!

In this X-wing loadout guide:

Best X-wing loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

The X-wing is a marvellous thing. It's the most versatile ship in the Republic fleet, and it isn't lacking in any department. One might expect an X-wing to go down in flames fairly easily, but as long as you've got a decent grasp of shield mechanics, that won't be happening anytime soon - especially with the following loadout.

Here is the best X-wing loadout:

  • Weapons: Taim & Bak KX8 Laser Cannon
  • Aux #1: Kyrotech Emergency Astromech Repair
  • Aux #2: Krupx MG5 Concussion Missile
  • Countermeasures: ArMek H/M Seeker Warheads
  • Hull: Slipstream Light Hull
  • Engines: Incom SLAM Engine
  • Shields: Loronar Ray Shield

The Incom SLAM Engine is a thing of beauty. You'll passively gain Boost charge over time without maxing out your engines, allowing you to pull off some sweet boosts and drifts whenever the need arises - and when combined with the Slipstream Light Hull, you'll have the manoeuvrability of an A-wing.

Of course, the Light Hull reduces your max health, but with a shielded ship that doesn't matter so much. Even so, we've boosted the tankiness right back up with the Loronar Ray Shield, which reduces incoming damage from primary weapons. Your only worry now is that missiles will tear you apart with ease - which is why the Seeker Warheads are so important, giving you a very quick and easy (and reusable) counter to any lock-on attacks that come your way.

For a primary weapon, there's really nothing better than the standard Laser Cannon. Despite the great-sounding benefits of all the other weapons, none of them match the standard cannon's balance of consistent damage and ease of use. And for added damage potential, you've got the Concussion Missiles for a flat 1000 damage against any enemy you choose.

Finally, I tend to add the Repair Droid to any ship that can use it, because the heal over time is just so powerful and keeps you in the fight dealing damage for much longer.

The focus with this build is mobility, but as you'll see we haven't skimped on survivability or damage potential either. To view this X-wing loadout in more detail, check out the build over on the Squadrons Toolkit Loadout Builder.

Best X-wing loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

How to use our X-wing loadout

This is a very balanced X-wing loadout, which means there's no single aim - except to kill enemies, and try not to die. There's nothing particularly out of the ordinary going on here: it's just a really solid ship to use for any circumstance.

The very high manoeuvrability of this loadout allows you to pull off moves usually reserved for the A-wing and Interceptor. You'll be able to chase and follow enemies with ease, and track them with your Laser Cannon while they attempt to get away. Try not to use the Concussion Missile as a panic button for when a target is about to escape, because they'll just deploy countermeasures. Instead, wait until you're right on an opponent's tail and fire the missile at close range so they have no time to react.

You'll always have Boost in the tank thanks to the SLAM Engine, and the most important thing is always your own survival, so don't hesitate to do some hard drifts if you find you have a tail - and once you've lost them, remember to recharge your shields and use your Repair Droid if needed.

That's pretty much everything you need to know in order to start obliterating the Empire in an X-wing. But if you're looking to kit out a different ship, look no further than our Best Star Wars: Squadrons loadouts guide, which gives you a top-tier loadout for every ship in the game!

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