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Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ to officially add some mods

Mod me up!

Tearjerking expansion The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ [official site] will add new items and enemies and bosses and all that to the baby simulator, I'm sure you know, and bring official mod support too. We've known that for yonks! Here's a neat twist: some of the best mods will be officially added to the game in updates.

Isaac co-creator Edmund McMillen explained in a blog post last night that maybe once a month they'll rummmage through player-made mods for the good stuff.

"Once AB+ is out and the community starts running wild with mod insanity, I'll be peeking in on Reddit and looking out for my favorite new additions. I'll hand-pick my favorite stuff, (with a little help from the fans and possibly a Twitter poll or 2) toss it to the team and said content will be added to the main game officially!

"This is a feature I'm really looking forward to, I feel like I've personally scraped the barrel when it comes to item design and feel quite depleted, but I'm positive that there are a ton of cool ideas out there that are so left field that they MUST be added to the main game. So once this thing releases, it's time to prove your worth! COME ON DESIGNERS! MAKE IT WORK!"

A release date isn't quite settled yet but Afterbirth+ isn't far out.

"What I can say is AB+ will release in the next 60 days on Steam the goal has always been to release at the very end of the year and are still shooting for it but there are some things that are a bit out of our control."

I'd better crack on with finishing up a few key challenges and runs to unlock my remaining fancy Afterbirth stuff.

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