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Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ unwraps mod Booster Pack

Official Isaac

Rad roguelikelike The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ [official site] has launched its first 'Booster Pack', a collection of player-made mods now made official and rolled into the game. The first batch plucked from the Steam Workshop (and slightly tweaked) are mostly new items and trinkets, along with odds and ends like extra hairstyles for Eden and optional charge bars for Brimstone attacks. They're simply part of Isaac now, nothing to download separately or activate, appearing in all parts of Isaac. This is only the start, as new Booster Packs are due to follow "monthly(ish)".

The items don't look game-breakingly exciting but there are solid, interesting items in there, which I look forward to finding. For details on all the mods of Booster Pack #1, hit the unofficial patch notes collected on the Isaac wiki. The additions are mostly made by players but Isaaclord Edmund McMillen has snuck in a new one of his own and one he made with Florian Himsl, the chap with whom he co-developed the Flash version of Isaac.

Last night's patch fixed a few nonfunctional item synergies with Epic Fetus too. It does also bring bad, but not surprising news, for the Crooked Penny: "Fixed the bug where you could use a Crooked Penny to duplicate an empty item pedestal." Sure, a four-charge item offering a 50% chance to spawn a new item was wildly overpowered but... I will miss it.

What's next for Booster Packs? McMillen explained in a blog post what he's looking for next:

Challenges!!!! I really wanna add fan challenges with achievements and unlockable items in the next boosters, ideally I'd like at least one each time... but I'll take what I can get.
Challenges should do something totally new, they should challenge the player and force them to play the game differently than normal, don't just put a few items on the player, we have more than enough of those.

Enemies / Bosses!!!! just try to stay on theme and ill do what i can to balance and add them in.

Angel Room items!!!! I know people have issue with the Angel Rooms and I have a few ideas on how to push them up a tad... but I'd like some new items to throw in there as well, thats where you come in...

I'm also up for whatever oddball ideas you guys have, I've seen some impressive stuff out there, so please continue!

How are y'all getting on with Afterbirth+ these days? I know it seemed less impressive for launching so soon after the astonishing Antibirth mod but Afterbirth+ has rolled smoothly into Isaac for me. More of the same is fine for me when Isaac is so great. I'm still happily doing the Daily Run every day. And still glaring at the Speed! and Ultra Hard challenges keeping me from 1000000% completion. And I'm excited to see what future Booster Packs bring.

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