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Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth More Than 50% Done

Also, it will feature a Spelunky-like daily challenge mode

I don't think it's an overstatement to say that we are drowning in roguelikes, roguelike-likes, like-likes, rougelikes, and Baton-Rouge-Louisiana-likes. My current poison is Risk of Rain (and before that it was Rogue Legacy, and before that it was Spelunky, and before that it was Teleglitch, and before that it was), but I'll need something else to fill the bags under my eyes before long. It's been eons in rogue-time (counted entirely in increments of "just five more minutes") since I played the original Binding of Isaac to a maggot-ridden death, so The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is sounding more tantalizing every day. And while a finish line isn't in sight just yet, Edmund McMillen and co are getting there. In a new Q&A, McMillen noted that the game is more than halfway done and - in a welcome twist - that it won't be doing any sort of Early Access program.

The Q&A is pretty lengthy and detail-ridden, but there are three big takeaways: the 50 percent thing, the lack of early access ("Hell no," wrote McMillen. "Rebirth is a game loaded with secrets and fun stuff I don't want anyone to see before anyone else"), and some form of daily challenge that can be shared between multiple people.

McMillen also reiterated that owners of the original Binding of Isaac will get a big discount on Rebirth. He couldn't cite an exact amount, but confidently stated that it should make forking over sumptuous cash loafs for the game's rougher cut "very worth it."

Beyond that, you already know most of the score. New art, new music, a new expansion's worth of content, local co-op, and bug fixes galore. There's no release date yet, but McMillen guaranteed that it'll be out sometime this year.

Are you ready to like more rogues and bind more Isaacs? If the switch to a new engine makes the game feel sturdy, you know, at all, then count me back in. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go out on my front lawn, gnash my teeth, and fire tears of rage into the sky while screaming, "JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA."

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