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Biomutant flying mount: how to unlock the Batnamnam flying mount

Yep, there's a flying mount in Biomutant

If it's news to you that there's a flying mount in Biomutant, you're not alone. It's very possible to complete the game and never find out about Batnamnam. Which is a shame, because Batnamnam is very cute, and useful too.

Find out how to unlock the flying mount in Biomutant here, as well as how to summon and fly it at any time.

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How to unlock the flying mount in Biomutant

To unlock the flying mount in Biomutant, you need to complete the side quests for Pebble. Pebble is a character you can find at Knack Hill. Consult the image below to see exactly where you can find Pebble.

A pair of screenshots of parts of the Biomutant map, with the location of the character Pebble highlighted.

Pebble will give you a couple of quests which involve finding various climbing points and ziplines across the map. After that you'll get a final quest from him which involves scaling a nearby mountain up to a particular point.

It's a fairly simple process - just head to the mountain, look for the yellow climbing points, follow them up. At the top you'll find a large bat-like creature. This is Batnamnam. Interact with Batnamnam and you'll mount it.

How to summon and fly Batnamnam

The moment you interact with Batnamnam for the first time, you'll unlock it as a possible mount. After this, you can use the mount radial menu at any time to summon Batnamnam, just like any other type of mount.

Batnamnam may be a winged mount, but it doesn't exactly fly, per se. Instead, it can glide across great distances, which gives it a similar function to the Automaton's Airglider.

All you need to do to activate the flying/gliding functionality of Batnamnam is to double-jump while mounted. This will prompt Batnamnam to spread its wings, allowing you to cover great distances if you do this from the top of a sheer drop.

That's all there is to know about the flying mount in Biomutant. While you're here, why not take a look at our page on how to change your character's appearance?

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