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Bioshock 2 Minerva's Den Comes To Daddy

Good news, everyone. I'd given up absolutely all hope of this ever happening, and yet it has. The final DLC for Bioshock 2, Minerva's Den, was a smart vignette full of nods to System Shock and the history of computing, not to mention being a welcome opportunity to approach the fascinating, doomed society of Rapture from a perspective other than its increasingly fantastical main narrative. This standalone tale of a calculating rogue AI seemed tailor-made for PC gamers... only PC gamers never got it. So it's with fairly delighted surprise that we discover it's finally, finally due out on PC almost a year after its console version.

May 31 and purchased via BS2's in-game Games For Windows Live thinger for 800 MS Points. Hang on, that's like $10 isn't it? Seems pretty steep given we've had to wait so damned long. And that you can easily buy a retail copy of BS2 for less than that (it's £13 on Steam if you don't want to look far). Oh, DLC gods - why must you be so cruel to us?

Still, better this than never getting it. Minerva's Den is a fascinating slice of Rapture - and perhaps even the last ever, given Bioshock: Infinite has moved on to sky-pastures new. For more on Minerva's Den, I'd encourage you to read the Babbage-tastic Making Of blog post by lead designer Steve Gaynor, which went up today. And while we wait a few days for the May 31 release, here's a trailer from the console version:

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