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Bioshock Demo out! Just not for us! (Yet! - 2K PR)

Hurrah! There's a Bioshock demo released.

Boo! It's only the XBox one.

The 2K forum take it philosophically, in their PC demo thread.

Yet another shaft for PC gamers.

I don't see a point in putting a demo out if only half (or less) or your fanbase gets to play it.

Would I be mad if I owned 360? Not as much, but regardless, you're still spitting in the face of your fans. I'll likely just borrow this one, as there's no use in showing support for a company that clearly doesn't care whether or not half of it's user-base gets a chance to try before you buy.

Cue 40 pages of lamenting and gnashing of teeth until the artists-formally-known-as-Irrational's Ken Levine steps in waving his hands.

Guys, the PC demo is simply not ready. The pc development was always a bit behind because we had more time to finish things (no submission to MS). The PC game will therefore have a bit more polish (and a couple more features like turning off loot highlight options) that 360 doesn't have.

It'll be out as soon as possible.

On the bright side, this means that PC owners won't have to sit through the amusingly unpredictable XBox demo-downloading process which means that the Rllmuk thread on Bioshock has been full of people posting their download percentage as it randomly goes up and down all day.

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