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Bird's Eye Vroooom: Real World Racing

Italian devs Playstos Entertainment have announced a rather novel looking racer. Real World Racing is a top-down racing game that focuses on realism, rather than arcade antics. Also, it's using photographs instead of graphics. Photo-realistic graphics!

It's surely only a matter of time before someone invents a version of this idea using Google Maps, allowing the entire planet to be available to race in. For the moment, we've got sections of Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, and apparently others.

Whenever I want to know the exact truth about a game, I always look to the unattributed statements of greatness written as fact in press releases. For Real World Racing they say,

"The high level of driving simulation and the finely tuned controls are designed to achieve both unparalleled precision and a natural driving experience unprecedented in the top-down racing genre."

See what you think for yourself:

The game will feature a career mode, arcade play, online gubbins, 80 cars, weather and other stuff too, all aiming to be on Steam by the end of this year.

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