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Bit.Trip Endless Runner Void Saga Core Fate Flux Saga XIII

With a mere 72 Bit.Trip games to choose from now, it's a source of ongoing panic that I might not be able to lay hands on a fresh brightly coloured, pseudo-retro Gaijin Games title at any given time. Just as I was in the middle of terrified flailing and screeching following the realisation that it had been a full 19.7 hours since the release of the last Bit.Trip title, my frenzy was abated by news of a free, browser-based endless runner starring and named after the series' monochrome hero, Commander Video.

It's a little more involved than the raft of Canabalt clones which litter the internet, and it's plenty pretty and plenty challenging. It exists to advertise Bit.Trip Runner 2, but manages to be more than merely throwaway. Important tip though - press R immediately after failing if you want to restart, otherwise you'll have to click through twelftey thousand high score screens before you can play again.

Also they say there's some input lag problem in Chrome so you should use Firefox or IE, but either that's a fib because Ian Microsoft is giving them bungs or my reflexes are so damned poor that I simply didn't notice. I lean towards the latter.

Here you go!

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