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Knock Your Block Off: BitRay Is Cheap And Fun

Block rocking beats

Because I like you, I'm here to tip you off to a sweet little puzzle game you'll enjoy, and it's only 71p! BitRay [Steam page] is a physics puzzler where you must zap away blocks to ensure a white block lands safely on a platform. BUT NO RED BLOCKS. Red blocks are evil. Down with red blocks!

There's really not a lot more to explain than that. But like all good puzzle games, a simple concept can quickly become more interestingly elaborated. At first you're just trying to make sure BAD EVIL red blocks roll off and fall to the death they so rightly deserve, while white blocks land safely, but quickly you're having to work out how to eliminate other blocks such that a tower falls conveniently in the correct direction, knocking your white block to safety, then immediately removing spare blocks beneath it in time so it falls the right way. It's not manic reflexes, but it does require a deft touch here and there.

It's enormously satisfying to get right, and instantly restarts when you go wrong. It's just what you were after - play it, you'll see. And for 71p, if I'm wrong, you'll eventually find it in your heart to forgive me.

But never forgive those red blocks. NEVER.

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