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Bjorn Is Back: Peggle 2 Footage 

How many Peggles is Peggle 2?

I missed the awkward moment when Peggle 2 was announced, and then there was the Xbone timed exclusivity thing. I should have been excited that there's going to be more Peggle in the world, but I was mostly miffed. MIFFED! Mucho miffage is kind of my reaction to the videos below. Three character videos have been released, showing off Peggle masters Bjorn, Berg, and Luna. The characters are cute and nicely animated, but they also take up a large amount of the screen. Just call me Miffy.

Feeling squashed in games is a particular peeve of mine. I always whack my FOV up above 95% (and if it's not supported I'll do whatever I can to hack it in), I zoom the camera out when I'm playing driving games, and when people are getting excited about cockpit views, I'm feeling sad because I know bits of equipment will be obscuring my view. I'm not even claustrophobic in real-life (though I do have a fear of being in a cave and being asked to squeeze through a tunnel), I just like having a big screen with lots of stuff on it.

Am I being a tad miserable in not enjoying the new character driven approach? I just want more Peggle.

Thanks for damaging my calm, VG247.

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