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Get the portable Samsung T5 SSD for £95 in Amazon's Black Friday deal of the day

A super (ish) storage deal

The excellent Samsung T5 external SSD is Amazon's Black Friday deal of the day this fine Monday morning (November 19) and you can currently get the 500GB model for just £95, or the 1TB for £189. That's the lowest price both sizes capacities have been in quite some time, according to CamelCamelCamel, but neither is quite as big a saving as Amazon would have you believe.

Don't get me wrong. The Samsung T5 is a fine SSD and well worth considering if you're in need of a portable SSD that's both super fast and the size of a small box of matches (if that). Indeed, my only complaint at the time when I reviewed it was that it was too expensive compared to the WD My Passport external SSD, so today's Amazon Black Friday deal is welcome news indeed.

However, while Amazon would have you believe you're saving 47% off their respective RRPs of £178 and £357, the truth is actually a little smaller than that. A quick check with the wizards over at CamelCamelCamel, for example, shows that the 500GB and 1TB versions of Samsung's portable SSD haven't cost that much for at least a year. Indeed, the 500GB Samsung T5 hit as low as £110-odd at the beginning of October and has only fluctuated back up to £145-ish in recent weeks, while the 1TB model has been a fairly consistent £250-ish for the last month or so.

You're still getting a pretty decent saving with today's Black Friday deal, of course, but I'd argue it's closer to 35% on the 500GB T5 and 24% on the 1TB model when you take into account each one's most recent prices.

It's also worth noting that Amazon's Black Friday deal of the day only applies to the 500GB and 1TB models, not the 250GB or 2TB versions, which are still at their usual prices of £75 and £570 respectively. In the case of the 500GB model, however, I'd say that an extra £20 for another 250GB is pretty tempting.

If you'd rather spend your Black Friday money on an internal SSD, of course, then make sure you check out our regularly updated Cyber Monday SSD deals hub page, OR have a gander at Amazon's other storage-related Black Friday deal of the day in the form of SanDisk's 240GB SSD Plus drive, which is currently a mere £32 (albeit down from its usual price of £40 as opposed to its claimed RRP of £69).

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