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This Black Friday deal knocks £110 off the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU

Got enough cores there, mate

Black Friday is here. There are only deals. Deals on games. Deals on monitors. Deals on graphics cards, in the sense that they’re slightly less of a rip-off. The deals converge, parting the clouds and blackening the sky until but one shines through: £110 off the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X. Hey. That’s pretty good.

Alright, this £310 CPU was £320 literally yesterday, so it hasn’t plummeted that far from the RRP overnight. Even so it’s a very respectable price - the lowest it’s been on Amazon so far – for a very respectable CPU, packing in 8 cores and 16 threads for superior multitasking. Naturally it’s light on its feet in games as well, and would pair well with a high-end GPU.

With that in mind, you do have other options, the best of which can be found in our Black Friday CPU deals hub. The Ryzen 5 5600X, for instance, is almost as good for games and cheaper at £269 from Amazon (was £280). There’s also the matter of the best gaming CPU overall, the Intel Core i5-12600K, which is just £245 from Overclockers when you buy the OEM version.

However, the Core i5-12600K being a brand new chip does have some disadvantages, such as a lack of lower-priced compatible motherboards – or backwards compatibility with older ones. Fitting in AMD’s long-used AM4 socket, the Ryzen 7 5800X is both more likely to work in an existing Ryzen-based PC build, and better-served in terms of motherboard availability.

Black Friday is over but many of its best deals remain available on Cyber Monday, so check out our Cyber Monday deals hub for our curated picks of offers on all kinds of PC gaming hardware. We're also keeping track of the best Cyber Monday mouse and keyboard deals, the best Cyber Monday SSD deals, the best Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals and many more.

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