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This Black Friday deal slashes £52 off the Logitech G Pro X headset

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Logitech is one of the more reliable brands when it comes to PC accoutrements like mice and headsets. One such offering is the Logitech G Pro X, a longtime resident of our best gaming headsets list, and Amazon has a juicy Black Friday deal that makes it very nearly half price.

Used and adored by many (including RPS big boss Katharine, who said she "literally couldn't ask for anything more" in her review), the Logitech G Pro X holds many features that make it a cut above a lot of other headsets around the same price. These include a detachable Blue Vo!ce mic, which provides advanced noise reduction for crystal-clear comms. Besides the output drivers sounding great in general, there's also 7.1 surround sound, which can ramp up the drama or help you pick out certain audio cues like enemy footsteps. The headcups are also made of memory foam to provide utmost comfort.

Unlike the standard G Pro, the G Pro X also includes both leatherette and velour covers for those foam cushions, letting you find your own favoured combo. There's even a carry case thrown in.

The G Pro X clearly offers a lot for the money, and with this Black Friday deal you can pay even less of it. Currently, Logitech's smashing headset can be had for $52 off the normal retail price, a saving of 48%.

Not only is Logitech's headset fantastic for multiplayer gaming, it can be a plus for anyone who streams or makes frequent online calls thanks to its superior microphone. It's a great buy, and don't forget, much of Logitech's other PC gaming hardware is well worth a look this week too, especially if you want a matching set across your desk. Simply go check out our guide to the best Black Friday Logitech deals.

Black Friday is over but many of its best deals remain available on Cyber Monday, so check out our Cyber Monday deals hub for our curated picks of offers on all kinds of PC gaming hardware. We're also keeping track of the best Cyber Monday mouse and keyboard deals, the best Cyber Monday SSD deals, the best Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals and many more.

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