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Black Friday deal spotlight: Get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass for 30% off

Power your dreams for less cash

With hundreds of games and more added monthly, the Xbox Game Pass is an incredibly worthwhile purchase for anyone who wants to fill their library with as many PC games as possible – for as little cash as possible. It hasn’t been left out of the Black Friday deals party, as Argos are offering a three-month subscription at a discounted price.

Currently, Game Pass has some fantastic games on offer, including recent releases Unpacking, Forza Horizon 5 and Back 4 Blood. There is something for everyone with this subscription, so is a sure shot for individuals or families. Plus, Game Pass has been receiving more and more day one releases: Halo Infinite will be available on December 8th for anyone to play, which is enough reason in itself to sign up. The PC Game Pass also includes EA Play, which grants access to most of EA's best games as well as some other cool perks.

Xbox Game Pass subscriptions usually run about £24 for three months, but Argos has dropped their price to just under £16 - an absolute steal for the amount of games you can pack into a quarter of year. The three-month sub is also a great way of dipping your toe in without committing to the full price each month.

Xbox itself does also have a neat deal going - though not specific to Black Friday. For new customers, the first three months of the PC Game Pass are £1 each, before jumping back to the usual £7.99. This is just for new people, though.

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