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The Art Of Spacelunking: Blackhole

Might suck you in

Obeying Newtonian laws of physics very much isn't in these days. If you're not manipulating Zero-Point Energy or jetpacking through windows, you better have skyscraper-leaping superpowers or that most impossible of things, the "double jump." Given that it takes part through, possibly in, one of the least understood and most terrifying phenomenons in space, Blackhole at least has a good excuse. Gravity pads are the particular brand of un-reality in this instance, changing the way the nameless space-waiter main character and his AI companion Auriel are affected while leaving everything else the same. There's a massive trailer showing off not only how the game plays, but also some impressive voice acting and writing. Warp through to it below.

Overly angry companion aside, that's higher quality than a number of big budget efforts. There's a version of the same video with a little developer commentary peppered in over here. I'm interested to see more, particularly what route the plot takes and what may become of that wonderfully voiced AI. The more astute among you may have already realised it's constructed solely in Game Maker, though it hides those roots well beneath that lovely blue sheen.

Yonder Greenlight page makes mention of involving popular Youtubers as part of the cast, both in terms of character design and voice acting. It's an interesting new avenue, and one I wouldn't be surprised to see a few major publishers pick up on in coming years. Having recently witnessed the queue to get into the queue to see Yogscast at Rezzed, I can exclusively confirm this Youtube stuff is a mite popular.

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