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Blacklight: Retribution Contains Guns, Men

The signup for Blacklight: Retribution's closed beta is ongoing and another trailer has emerged for your viewing pleasure. It shows off some shooting, some explosions, some vehicles and a mech with strangely chubby legs. But don't take my word for it - see below and attempt to spot all those things for yourself! Perhaps make some form of checklist. That way the trailer is a game in itself.

The game will be at PAX Prime and you can sign up for the closed beta here. From what I can tell, people will shoot one another quite frequently and occasionally they themselves will be shot. Possibly by a mech.

The most worrying part of the trailer is the appearance of a rocket launcher. Nothing inherently wrong with that, you may think, but it feels like a climactic moment. As if intended to make the viewer pause for breath, or perhaps spit their coffee onto their keyboard and then run into the streets proclaiming: “Blacklight: Retribution shall allow a man, or lady, to fire a rocket launcher!”.

But then perhaps the portly mech is the unique selling point and the rocket launcher is merely a prelude to that delight.

Still, it’ll be free to play and if the mechanics are sound, it could be a blast. At the moment things just look a little too generic.

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