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Blasphemous adding New Game+ next month

And the ability to pet a dog

The delightfully Catholic metroidvania Blasphemous will add New Game+ mode in a big free update on August 4th, developers The Game Kitchen have announced. Named 'True Calvary', for extra Catholicism, the NG+ mode will not only do the usual 'start a new game after beating it to continue with your old gear' dealio, but include a new quest line with new bosses and items. That's nice, that. Though for people who can't even beat it the first time, good news: the update will also bring changes include a new map and more fast travel points.

The Game Kitchen announced The Stir Of Dawn, as they call this "free DLC", during last night's Day Of The Devs showcase.

So yes, True Calvary will let you start a new run over, facing tougher enemies but keeping your old gear. Adding a new quest line to that is interesting, even if lots of folks likely won't see it. You'll need to really suffer if you want to see more of the cycle of this broken world.

Other changes are for everyone. The map screen is redesigned with support for custom markers and zooming. More fast travel points are around the world. NPCs can enhance your Bile flasks. New execution animations are in. It'll have an option for Castilian Spanish voices. Balancing is tweaked, including buffing Prayers. The new optional Penitence System lets you amp up the difficulty by picking one of three paths offering greater challenges but also maybe some buffs, changing how you'll play. And yes, you can now pet a dog.

The Stir Of Dawn is due to arrive on August 4th. The devs say on Steam they'll be revealing more in the run-up to launch. The game's also on GOG, Xbone, PlayStation, and Switch.

Our former boy Brendy declared Blasphemous one of the the best games like Dark Souls, saying "It feels like a bitterly lapsed Roman Catholic and ardent metal fan travelled back in time and made a soulsy game in the era of pixel Castlevania."

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