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Blast Prettier Pathogens In Cell HD: Emergence

Arcadey shooter

Remember Cell: emergence [official site]? Back in 2012 it was the first release from Deus Ex writer Sheldon Pacotti's indie team, New Life Interactive. In space year 2015 it's still their first release, our timeline remaining mercifully unsundered, and now a new update has arrived alongside its arrival on Steam.

If you missed the game three years ago, now's a fine time to correct that.

The update for its Steam release brings increased resolution, basic controller support, achievements, bug fixes, and a few tweaks. "The difficulty curve is still steep," New Life say, "... but some of the rough edges have been smoothed out"

If that video hasn't left you terribly clear on how Cell HD: emergence plays, check out this old video in which Pacotti talks through the basics. Alternatively occasional RPS contributor Joel Goodwin created his own tutorial video as part of a fairly detailed write-up of the game.

Or you could just play the demo and figure this all out for yourself.

The basic gist of the game is that you're launching antibodies into icky self-replicating pathogens, seeking to protect cell membranes in so doing. Or something along those lines: biology is confusing. Cell: emergence has always offered tough challenges and steep learning curves and this reissue hasn't changed that. Instead it has upped the game's visual fidelity (though you'll still be looking at blocky voxels most of the time) alongside adding controller support, achievements and a few bug fixes.

Cell HD: emergence is £4.79/$5.99/€5.99 on Steam.

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