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Bleeding Babies: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Trailer

After Ed McMillen quietly announced The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth last year, the snazzy, SNES-style remake of the disturbing rogue-like has been fairly quiet. Almost as if it were locked in a basement, hidden from the judgmental gaze of society who wouldn't be able to just stare at the awful, lumpen horrors it possesses. But it turns out I'm applying the game's fiction to the development process, which is a huge error. I've still to see the game in action, but the atmosphere of the live-action trailer they've just released is pitch-perfect. Low-fi and utterly horrible. Please watch it with the lights on.

Like, honestly. It's like someone gave Chris Cunningham no budget, hand-puppets and slime. The descent into basement beneath Isaac's house as he flees from his mother turns up floppy zombie babies, a cat's head, and ends with acid spewing from Isaac's tear ducts. I'm embedding it, but I really don't think you should watch it without parental supervision. You can borrow my dad if you want. He's proper scary.

And what does this tell us about the game? Nothing other than a release date of early 2014. The other information is already known, but I'll tell you anyway: it'll have local co-op, a new engine that's not Flash (and apes The Super Nintendo), all the content from the original and expansion with an additional expansion on top of that, which means and new items and characters. Hooray!

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