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Legion Is The New WoW Expansion: New Class & Continent, 110 Level Cap

New factions?Some big old orcs vs humans reboot in order to bring it in line with the upcoming Warcraft movie? More bloody pandas? We shall know very soon what the new WoW expansion is. Within seconds, in fact: 5pm UK time is go time.

I'll add full details about the expansion once we know them, but in the meantime you can watch the live (at the time of writing) announcement stream below.

Update: Details of what the expansion's called and what's in it below.

Update 2: full announcement trailer below

Here's the trailer for World of Warcraft: Legion. Underneath is the still-ongoing livestream

Watch live video from BLIZZARD on www.twitch.tv


Yeah, it's Orc-centric. Something to do with rebuilding the Horde. A wee bit of civil war, maybe?

Both Alice and I agree that the presenter has really good hair.

The Blizzard guy less so.

Apparently people haven't really guessed what it is yet.

Someone is getting resurrected by a Shaman. Presumably some familiar big bad? I haven't played since the third expansion so don't ask me!

The actual announcement trailer now. We should have a title soon, I guess.

"They were servants of a more ancient foe that has not forgetten our defiance."

"The vengeance of the burning shadow has come."

New continent: Broken Isles. Has talking trees!

Level cap to 110.

New dungeons and raids, obv, a new honor system and 'artifact weapons.'

Class Order Halls.

New hero class: Daemon Hunter

The Burning Legion has returned. This is a very demonic expansion, essentially.

And the title: Legion. Seems a bit short, somehow?

It takes place on the Broken Isles, a region at the heart of Azeroth which is long forgotten. Used to be a vast, bustling Night Elf civilization.

A new continent, "a graveyard of sorts."

"The Tomb of Sergeras", a returning doohickey from Warcraft 3, is a gateway for those buggers from the Burning Legion.

It's the Legion's biggest invasion of Azeroth yet.

The events will start before the expansion launches. It's like the assault on the dark portal for Warlords of Draenor.

"Every single person who's played WoW in the last 5 to 10 years is going to be really, really surprised and shocked."

"We will wake up to a world on fire."

People are applauding some weapon names. OK!

We'll see the story of the Daemon Hunters through Illidan's eyes.

The producer is the least inspiring stage presence ever. Sorry, dude.

Seems like there'll be more time travel/flashback shenanigans. Let there be no doubt: the lore has taken over entirely by this point.

The Titans are involved, the big guys and gals in the sky. We're looking for the Pillars of Creation, relics which were used to shape the world when it was young, the only thing that can close the Legion's gateway.

OK, it's gone further into WoWgonksville than I can follow now. Will add condensed, less lore-riddled details as and when I know them!

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