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Blizzard are "investigating reports of login issues" as Diablo 4's servers fall over

Hell is currently closed, come back later

Diablo IV villain Lilith snarls as she leaves a chapel, in which she's just casually incited a murder.
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If you, like me, just got disconnected while spam-clicking your mouse to kill demons in Diablo 4, you're not alone. Since about 9.30pm BST, servers seem to be down in Europe, at least. Upon trying to log back in, it's currently showing a long queue time that, when it ticks down to zero minutes remaining, will show error code 300202 before closing the game entirely. Blizzard are looking into it as we speak.

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After reports started flooding the Diablo 4 forums earlier this evening, Blizzard's support Twitter account tweeted about the issues to confirm that they are "investigating reports of login issues affecting #Diablo4 and working to resolve these as soon as possible."

Upon disconnecting, I got sent back to a blank main menu screen with none of my characters appearing on the left. Instead, there was only the "Create New Character" icon, which is ominous to say the least.

Hopefully this doesn't mean characters have actually been deleted, but after closing and relaunching Diablo 4 to check, I haven't been able to get past the server queue and error code screens.

I was right in the middle of a Dungeon boss at the time of the disconnect, which is rather unfortunate. Server issues have been known to kill characters, including that of the first player to reach level 100 in hardcore mode, so hopefully we don't see those issues replicated here.

Until now, Diablo 4's launch had seemed remarkably smooth. It also, perhaps unsurprisingly, seems to have been very successful, with Blizzard confirming that it is their fastest selling game ever. That's a lot of people logging on for their chance to slay demons and fight back against Lilith (who is shorter than Lady Dimitrescu, according to Rachel).

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