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Blood Bowl 3 delays early access launch following beta feedback

Previously due this month, now due ???

Fantasy sports management sim Blood Bowl 3 is delayed again, with the early access launch now pushed out of September and into the nebulous future. The official word is that after beta feedback, they realised yeah it wasn't ready. They say, "our teams are more committed than ever to make Blood Bowl 3 the most comprehensive and polished instalment in the series yet." Yeah go on, please do that.

Blood Bowl 3 is Cyanide Studio's third adaptation of the Games Workshop tabletop warsportgame where Warhammer Fantasy factions throw down on a bloody handegg field. It's a turn-based strategy game where you both manage your team across the season and control their movements during combat the match. BB3 will run on the tabletop's new Second Season Edition rules, and introduce teams who haven't been in the video games before.

"The closed beta last June and all your feedback were incredibly helpful for identifying and focusing on key improvements, and it seems we were a bit too optimistic when we announced early access on PC for September 2021," the delay announcement says.

"Our primary concern is the quality of the game experience we will deliver when the game releases, and we want to take enough time to achieve these quality goals."

The announcement says they'll announce a new early access release window "in the coming weeks". They had planned to release the full and finished game on Steam in February 2022 (at that point also hitting PlayStations, Xboxes, and Switch), though I expect that'll suffer a kick-on delay from this delay. Lot of delays for this one. Blood Bowl 3 had previously been due in August, and early 2021 before that. Hey, better late than wonky.

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