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Bloodborne PSX is on PC even if its inspiration isn't

From Soft's classic sent back to 1996

Sony continue to port their first-party games to PC, with 2018's God Of War launching earlier this month. Every time they announce the next port in development, the howls of Bloodborne fans can be heard across the internet. When will From Software's gothic slasher make the move to our superior home computers?

I've no answer for you, but fan-made demake Bloodborne PSX should tide you over for a little while. It's Bloodborne as if made for 32-bit consoles, four hours long, and features the original game's first two bosses. It's out now.

Here's the launch trailer:

Bloodborne PSX has been in development for years by Lilith Walther, with help from a handful of others. As well as covering the game's opening areas up until Father Gascoigne (pictured above), it also includes new areas created just for the demake.

Demakes of the PSX era often have a haunted aura, with scanlines, low-res textures and limited draw distances combining to make a world feel more oppressive and frightening than high-fidelity equivalents. That's perfect for Bloodborne's Victorian horror. I mean, just look at the werewolf/pig chimera and tell me it's not terrifying.

You can grab Bloodborne PSX for free from its Itch.io page, where you'll also find more screenshots and details of how to play.

I suspect the trend of Sony bringing games to PC will continue. Partly because they just bought multi-platform developer Bungie, and partly because Sony keep saying over and over that it will continue.

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