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Blow up bleeding statues in the fiery hellscape of Hunt Showdown's latest event

The new traits are powerful, but temporary

Yee haw, buckle up, root and also toot, for the Devil's Moon event has kicked off in Hunt Showdown. The event sees Crytek's excellent multiplayer cowboy sneak 'em up periodically set fire to big parts of each map, where you blow up creepy bleedy statues for points that unlock new weapons and traits. There's one that makes you invisible to monsters, which sounds ridiculously powerful - which is probably why the traits will only be in play until the event ends on January 15th.

Like previous events, this scatters new objects across each map that you can interact with to earn event points. Unlike previous events, you can now choose between sneaking up to them to quietly extract a juicy six points, or noisily blowing them up to earn three. They also glow red when enemy hunters are nearby, so I'm hoping they'll prompt firefights in parts of the map that usually don't see much action.

Those event points go towards unlocking new weapons and cosmetics, but they also contribute to the new Pledge Marks, which sound both fiddly and interesting. Pledge Marks are tied to individual Hunters, and earned either by nabbing your first 35 event points in a round, looting your first dead opponent, or banishing your first boss. Marks let you access new traits associated with one of three factions, and some of those traits use up your Marks in return for powerful effects. Four marks lets you either continully regenerate health, become immune to fire, or invisibile to monsters. There's also one specifically for solo hunters that lets you self-revive, which makes dipping in by my lonesome far more appealing.

That fire immunity will come in handy during "wildcard" infernos, which will trigger "on select days" during the event.

There's also a battle pass, and some wildly overpriced cosmetic DLC. You can check out the full patch notes over on the Steam update page..

If you want to join the fun, Hunt Showdown is currently 60% off on Steam, putting it at £14/$16/€16.

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Hunt: Showdown

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