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Bo: Path Of The Teal Lotus is a Metroidvania from the people Nintendo stopped making Metroid fangames

The AM2R team reunites

Bō: Path Of The Teal Lotus launched on Kickstarter back in February and quickly cleared its funding goal for a Metroidvania based on Japanese folklore. It has gained even more attention in the last day or so, because its creation reunites some of the people who worked on AM2R, the well-liked unofficial Metroid 2 remake that Nintendo DMCA'd out of existence in 2016.

Here's a trailer, which shows plenty of its lovely art style:

The list of features on the Bō Steam page really do make it sound like the quintessential Metroidvania. You'll explore the game's "open and interconnected" world, unlock new abilities, and return to previous zones to access previously inaccessible areas. There are platforming challenges, boss battles, and the videos and GIFs suggest the physics of its character movement aren't a million miles away from something like Hollow Knight.

While Bō's executive producer worked on AM2R - which stands for Another Metroid 2 Remake - a post on the Bō Kickstarter last week announced that Milton Guasti had also joined the team as associate designer. Guasti was the primary developer of AM2R (and was also a level designer on Ori And The Will Of The Wisps).

Given how much people liked AM2R, that's good pedigree for a new Metroidvania. The only people who didn't like AM2R, seemingly, were Nintendo. Guasti worked on the project for over 8 years, but it was shut down by Nintendo shortly after release.

Bō: Path Of The Teal Lotus doesn't have a release date yet, but you can follow its development updates via its Kickstarter page and find more details on Steam.

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