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Body-ballooning shooter Morphie's Law is now out on PC

Bigger than before

Mind when games had big head mode? Morphie's Law: Remorphed is a bit like that, but with your character's whole body. The RPS treehouse have had our eyes on this body-morphing multiplayer game for a while: it's a third-person shooter where blasting someone's body-part causes it to shrink and yours to grow. For example - shot someone in the foot? Congratulations, you'll be needing bigger boots and they'll be downsizing to baby shoes.

It's a bit less body horror than that sounds, wrapped up in a robot Day Of The Dead look that probably isn't quite in the spirit of the holiday. Oh, and it's out now, with a demo you can pop on for free.

After a Switch release last August, multiplayer shrink em 'up Morphie's Law made the jump to PC this week. It's been Remorphed (read: updated), with cross-play between PC and Switch alongside more ways to customise your 'bots. The gimmick hasn't changed a bit: shooting someone's body part causes it to shrink, while causing your own to grow.

This leads to matches with an absolutely daft cast of combatants. You'll be trading shots with a Popeye-looking sharpshooter on the rooftops, before some nippy little bastard with feet five times larger than their head catches you in the back. The size of your appendages affects predictable things like speed, accuracy health, but a big head's always going to be a lot easier to headshot.

Getting thicc is more important than landing sick headshots. Most matches have some sort of mass-stealing objective to make your ringside titan bigger than your opponent's. There's a kind of Loadout-lite weapon building system, too - you can put different barrels on different bodies, bashing together an oil-slick sniper or healthy rocket launcher.

Remorphed even has one of those rare demos wot games used to come with. Elegantly titled "Fartnite", it lets you in on the full game, with a catch. After 30 minutes, all sound effects get a lot more flatular. If you're also not eight years old, you can always shill out for the full game to settle Morphie's stomach for good.

Morphie's Law is out now on Steam for £16/€20/$20.

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