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Bomber Crew goes up tiddley up up in October

Like FTL but WW2

Flying missions in the upcoming strat-o-sim Bomber Crew [official site] is quite cartoony, in that you can do things like send crew members out on your World War 2 bomber's wing to fix a burning engine. It's also quite complex and serious, in that your plane can get duffed up enough to need to do that and you'll die terribly if not. Bomber Crew looks a little like FTL but with more sim-y underpinnings, and it looks a right lark. Publishers Curve Digital today announced that they've picked Runner Duck's game up and will be publishing it on October 19th. Have a look:

Bomber Crew will give us a WW2 bomber and task us with missions like destroying targets and snapping recon photos. Pick up a crew and it's chocks away! on adventures that are a bit FTL-y but seem more involved. We'll need to manually aim bombs, tag targets for gunners, and whatnot. And as we go, bad things happen and we need to order our crew around to man stations and deal with problems.

It looks like a fun and silly load of stress.

Looking at the light system requirements listed on its Steam page, Bomber Crew seems another good candidate for roaming laptop play.

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Bomber Crew

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