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Books vs. games: where did I learn empathy from?


Ignore that the ideal and probable answer to the title question is "lots of places, including my parents and stuff, idk." 2021 is shaping up to be the year in which I read loads of books again, because what the hell else am I going to do? I've been indoors for 12 months and it already feels like I have watched every film or TV show that man ever committed to celluloid. Sometimes more than once. I got some vouchers over Christmas and forgot I spent them on an actual dozen books, which arrived today. I do not have room for them anywhere in the flat. I have been revaluating my relationship with stories, including games.

I joined a Facebook group about books and it is a confusing tangle, punctuated by people posting about things that are not books and adults reading almost exclusively YA fiction (I have nothing against YA fiction in general, but I am 30 and as a Full A demand more from books than what I perceive as mostly descriptions of boys who have long eyelashes from the point of view of a girl who is always called Scarlett, spiritually if not literally). The other day, a parent raised that their child had discovered games, and to counter this was making the child "earn" time on digital devices via "number of pages read."

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