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Boo(m): Here Is Terraria's Halloween Update

Trick or Terraria

Did you know that it's nearly Halloween? I'm only telling you because I definitely wouldn't have any idea unless every game under the sun (or foreboding, fog-enshrouded moon, as it were) was running some kind of Halloween event. But these things can actually be decently fun when handled well, and this one, especially, is quite noteworthy given that it may well end up one of the final things that Redigit himself adds to Terraria. So then, what's in it? What indeed.

No, I'm not actually going to do that to you. Goodie bags and themed pets and tiles and items and things! Also, a mysterious Pumpkin Moon event. Sweet, sweet trick-or-treat deets below.

You can find the full list of changes and additions here, but Redigit laid out the important bits like a parent separating safe-for-consumption candy from obvious razor blades in shiny wrappers.

"The Halloween event is officially live! Most monsters in the world will now have a chance to drop Goodie Bags that are filled with fun surprises! There is also now a Pumpkin Moon Event that can be triggered in hardmode that has increasingly difficult waves with better loot based on how long you last. The Halloween in game event will last until November 10th."

On top of that, multiple common enemies will now appear in costume, which sounds magnificently dumb and adorable. This update also comes with the disappointing revelation that "mice can no longer spawn in hell," which pretty much nixes my upcoming machinima film A Terrarian Tale: Fievel Goes To Hell. I, for one, am heartbroken.

It's a pretty substantial update right off the back of 1.2's bucket-busting goodie load, though. I can't rightly complain about that. Go grab it now, and never forget: the scariest costume of all... is your own true nature. No, wait, sorry: it's twerking George Bush. (Kudos to this awful thing for suggesting that one.)

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