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Borderlands 3 birthday bash blasts off with better boss drops this week

Brrappy birthday

10 years of Borderlands, is it? A whole decade since four cel-shaded bounty hunters hopped off a bus and murdered their way across a planet to the whiny twangs of Cage The Elephant? Blimey, where does the time go? Well before Destiny, Borderlands married Diablo's gear grind with run n' gun blasting in an open-world romp, kicking off a generation of shooting bloody numbers out of heads. To celebrate a decade of cartoon carnage, the next five weeks of Borderlands 3 will crank things up to 11, starting with a week of better boss loot drops.

Until October 8th, many Borderlands 3 bosses have an increased chance of handing over legendary goodies on death. Gearbox don't give precise figures, but if you're crying out for Ten Gallon, Echo or Bitch, this is the week to get grinding.

A complete list of prosperous boss drops can be found in the anniversary announcement. Besides the usual lineup of stats and traits, Legendaries come with plenty of bizarre effects. Want to have orbs of poison goo crawl menacingly across the map after tossing your gun? Have a bash at nabbing Creeping Death from Aurelia.

It's worth noting that while there are well over 100 legendary weapons in Blanderwhams 3, this event only covers around a dozen weapons, shields and mods dropped by bosses. I'm really, truly sorry if you're still stuck hunting for the Rick And Morty shotgun - for entirely separate concerns, really.

Not so much a birthday as a birth-month-and-a-bit, Boss Week kicks off a five-week-long anniversary celebration for Gearbox's loot-shooter. The developers have laid out the next four weeks of special events, including a rare spawn hunt, increased Eridium drops and streamer-focused mayhem on Twitch.

Deets on the final week running October 29th through November 4th remain locked up in the vault for now.

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