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Borderlands 3 is coming to Steam on March 13, and it'll let you play with Epic folks

Next expansion announced too

The Epic Games Store exclusivity of Borderlands 3 will end on March 13th with a Steam launch, developers Gearbox Software announced today. They had previously said the looter-shooter's exile would end in April 2020 so apparently the Steam launch has been bumped up a bit, now coming exactly six months after the Epic debut. Steamers will be able to join Epiceers in multiplayer to burst monsters together, though some multiplayer features won't be enabled for crossplay at launch.

Gearbox also today announced the second story expansion, a stag do gone monstrously wrong named Guns, Love, And Tentacles: The Marriage Of Wainwright & Hammerlock.

"Thanks to some new SHiFT matchmaking functionality, you'll be able to add friends to your Friends List, join co-op parties, and play together online regardless of which PC platform each player is using," Gearbox said in today's announcement. But they do note that they plan "to roll out additional PC crossplay features – such as the ability to mail weapons across platforms – in the weeks following the game's launch on Steam," so not everything will be supported on March 13th.

Borderlands 3 was in a bit of a wonky state when it debuted on the Epic Games Store, so Steamers should once again get a better launch experience from a scloosie.

Our Nate's Borderlands 3 review didn't dig the jokes or story, he had a great time shooting monsters with Matthew. He said: "While the game itself isn't the most stellar company, there's no denying why it, like its predecessors, will be incredibly successful – because it provides a superb environment for hanging out with your pals."

Past the Steam launch, the second expansion is coming on March 26th. Guns, Love, And Tentacles: The Marriage Of Wainwright & Hammerlock will do exactly what it says on the tin.

It'll send us off to celebrate the upcoming nuptials in the town of Cursehaven, which is in the shadow of a vast monster's corpse. Ah, romance! Naturally there's a cult, and eldritch terrors, and a whole lot of murder. And Gaige, the Mechromancer from Borderlands 2, returns as their wedding planner. Along with new stories, it'll bring new guns, Class Mods, skins, and such.

Gearbox also offered a hint that the third expansion, coming this summer, will feature "outlaws & dinosaurs". Outlaws are a given in Borderlands but dinos are good. The fourth expansion of the season pass remains a mystery.

Gearbix also announced a few more content updates and events. April will bring an overhaul of Mayhem Mode as well as a new seasonal event to whack cartel operatives. May brings the second Takedown, an Eridian-themed mission with the Guardian Takedown.

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