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Borderlands 3's next DLC will add a new skill tree for every vault hunter

Cross-play is coming in 2021 too

Borderlands 3 has wrapped its season pass of DLC with Krieg And The Fantastic Fustercluck but oh look, it's not done with updates just yet. Gearbox announced during their PAX Online showcase that there are more paid add-ons yet to come. The next of the bunch won't be a campaign DLC like Krieg and others have been, but it'll add a new game mode and new skill trees for each of your vault hunters.

During the showcase, Gearbox gave a closer look at the new skill tree coming to metal pet wrangler Fl4k. As part of the new Trapper skill tree, Fl4k will also have a new Hyperion Loaderbot as a pet. The little beastie starts off favoring a sniper rifle for ranged attacks but can later be upgraded into a shield and shotgun variety for getting up close or a grenades and homing missiles variant. You can see a bit of all three plus Fl4k's other upcoming abilities towards the end of Gearbox's showcase below.

The other new Fl4k ability to spot is the Gravity Snare that tosses enemies into the air and then slams them back down. Gearbox say that the area of effect skill should be the first true crowd control skill available to Fl4k.

Gearbox are also planning to add cross-platform multiplayer to Borderlands 3 in 2021, which they say they'll share more about next year.

If you happen to be playing on a console box already, Gearbox say that Xbox One and PS4 players will be able to redeem a free upgrade to the Xbox Series X or PS5 versions respectively when they launch. Console folks are getting split-screen co-op for two and four players in an upcoming update as well.

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