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Bounce Bounce: InMomentum Trailer, Beta

After a short delay, the InMomentum beta is officially starting today. 25 of our lucky subscribers already received keys to access the game, and they'll be joined by anyone who previously signed up for the beta starting later tonight. (It could take up to 48 hours for all the keys to reach people.) To celebrate the news, there's a lovely new trailer for the game which you can see first on RPS.

So, have a lovely, colourful trailer:

Digital Arrow, and their publishing arm White Rabbit Interactive have also declared that they're partnering with Quantic Lab for the QA for the game. They also intend to let the beta stage properly influence the game, listening to player feedback and adapting accordingly, rather than just seeing it as bug testing. They seem to be very serious about making this work. The game is due "later" this Summer - a time which will presumably be defined by how the beta goes.

If you want to know why we care about this game, check out our preview here.

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