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Bounce Upon A Time: Basketbelle

Michael Molinari's browser game But That Was [Yesterday] brought an actual tear to my eye, an act not incomparable to summoning a squirt of lemon juice from a pebble, so I'm pretty excited to have just found out what he's working on next (via the Indiegames blog, of course). It's a project titled Basketbelle, a game of flashbacks and "good old 1-on-1 backyard basketball action" that "does not have [brackets] around its title". You can watch the debut trailer below. If you can get past... ME!

C'mon, small fry! Whaddya got! Huh! Watch out!

Oh, OK. You got past me THIS time. Best of three?

And here's what Molinari himself has to say about it.

The teaser above is made up of footage taken from a demo edition I put together for submission to this year’s IndieCade. I’d say I spent about 3 months working on the game so far, though the current version represents about 10% of what I have planned. I have no release date in mind yet, so in general I’m going to keep working on it until it’s finished. It’s been really helpful to look at the game as a whole so early, allowing me to tweak and tune things before it’s too late (thanks testers!).

While I still don’t want to reveal too much, here’s a little run-down of what to expect:

Good ole fashioned 1-on-1 backyard basketball action
Face off against a bunch of opponents, each one requiring a different play style in order to be beaten
Take part in fancy flashbacks/sequences in an unfolding story
Makes heavy use of the cardboard/handmade visual motif
Introduces all-new dynamically-driven music (including what you heard in the trailer!)
Does not have [brackets] around its title

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