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Box News: Portal Legos, Limbo Special Edition

Welcome to RPS' first (and probably only) edition of Box News, an attempt at providing fair and balanced coverage of that most marginalized of objects in this digital age - the box - on the first day to conveniently feature more than one box-based news item in 437 years. On today's show, we'll be bringing you up-to-the-minute analysis of the developing Portal Lego set situation and having Limbo's lavish new Special Edition box set live in the studio. So then, let's dive right in.

First up, enterprising fans over at Lego's CUUSOO site - the same entity that injected box-shaped lifeblood into the veins of Minecraft's Lego project - are pushing to give Portal a similar treatment. The folks at Brickthing have brainstormed up some pretty neat sets, too, with a brick-based model of GLaDOS, adorable turret mini-figures, and an honest-to-goodness Lego potato leading the charge. Two sets even include the pieces to construct fairly elaborate test chambers, which - somewhat amazingly - offer fully solvable puzzles. In order to enter actual production, the Portal Lego collection requires 10,000 votes, and it's already more than halfway there. Below, I'll be providing up-to-the-minute-ish updates as it nears the final stretch.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world of block/cube/box-based non-lifeforms, unsettling platformer mega-hit Limbo's back with a Special Edition package that includes a DRM-free copy of the game, a soundtrack, art cards, a sticker of the disturbingly decapitatable boy, and "awesome 3D glasses." It all comes wrapped in a sooty black box that just screams "If you open me, there's a very real possibility that a giant spider leg with spring out and impale you." Fun! To find out more, I invited the box into the studio today. For an interview.

RPS: What's it like being a box in a distinctly non-box-friendly industry? Do you ever fear that your voice isn't being heard? 

Limbo's Special Edition: [Silence.]

RPS: Do you think that Special Editions like Binding of Isaac's, Terraria's, and of course, you are leading the charge on a box renaissance? 

Limbo's Special Edition: [Wind catches the box, causes one flap to waver up and down slightly.]

RPS: Whoa, whoa. Calm down. Don't make me call security. I'll take that as an exuberant "yes." Anyway, what's next for you after this? Will there be DLC - for instance, more stickers or DirectX 11 support for your cover image? 

Limbo's Special Edition: [Wind gusts more strongly this time, knocking the box over and spilling its contents.]

RPS: Gosh, you're right. I suppose there isn't room for much else, is there? So, what's your stance on consoles? They claim to be boxes, and yet, they're really not shaped like them, are they? Are you a PC-only deal out of protest? 

Limbo's Special Edition: [Lies motionlessly in one spot.]

RPS: Yeah, they really haven't moved forward in years, have they? Ah well, that's all the time we have for today. It was great chatting with you, though. Thanks for your time.

Limbo's Special Edition: Yeah man, no problem. Anytime.

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