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Box Unboxed

Two quick Valve-related happenings for you info-starved masses. And, for once, to do with actual games, rather than about some guy laser-etching a Weighted Companion Cube into his pelvis.

First up, EA is releasing The Orange Box as individual games - so online-purchase-o-phobes will soon be able to buy Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, My Horse & Me and Portal as seperate games, should they so wish. Please, feel free to make your "but surely anyone who wants Portal already has Portal and it'll be cheaper on Steam anyway and EA are worse than Hitler and Ted Bundy combined" protestations below.

Secondly, and, uh, betterly, is the fairly unsuprisingly revelation that there will be more Portal. Not just more Portal levels, but something that, by the sound of it, plays around with formula. Eurogamer has the news.

Question is, what do you want from a new Portal game? Apart from cake and cubes and songs, that is. We've talked about those more than enough already.

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