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Brace yourselves, the Steam Winter Sale begins December 22nd

Didn't the autumn one end like, five minutes ago

Valve have announced that the Steam Winter Sale will begin next week on December 22nd. I can already see myself standing in front of my mirror, chanting "I do not need more games" before sitting back down at my desk and splurging on everything I missed from this year's RPS advent calendar.

Valve have given us a peek at what's going to be on sale, so click through to see what you should avoid buying until it starts.

So, based on what's shown in that trailer, games you should absolutely definitely not buy before they're discounted on December 22nd include: Fallout 76, SD Gundam Battle Alliance, Ready or Not, Two Point Campus, Persona 5 Royal, Sonic Frontiers, Naraka Bladepoint, Raft, New World, Construction Simulator, Across the Obelisk, F1 Manager 2022, Dinkum and The Wandering Village.

Having said that, I know at least New World and Naraka: Bladepoint are already currently 50% off, and it'd be strange if this sale tips them into an even heavier discount. Bladepoint is also currently running a free weekend, which is well worth jumping/parkour somersaulting into, if my Naraka: Bladepoint review is to be believed.

When the sale rolls round, I've got my eye on Dinkum, which is Stardew Valley but in Australia. There's nothing more christmassy than vanishing into your childhood bedroom to farm kangaroos.

December 22nd is also when voting will open for the Steam Awards, which has a new Steam Deck-inspired category this year for "Best Game On The Go". Spoilers: it's Marvel Snap. No, wait, it's Vampire Survivors. No, Snap. Hmmm.

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