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Breach & Clear: Deadline (That's DEADline--DEADline!)

Subtle typographic hints

A pleasingly self-descriptive name, Breach & Clear. It's a turn-based tactical game about squads breaching and clearing. Can you guess what's new in sequel Breach & Clear: Deadline? Tricky, I know. As a hint, I'll tell you that it's officially stylised DEADline. Can you guess what it is yet?

Zombies! Because they're DEAD, do you see? Hold your frothing for one moment: is the top-down tactical genre overrun with zombies? Might this be the one place not yet swarming with lively corpses? Could zombies be good targets for tacticising?

The sequel sees a special forces squad moving through a city to the source of the zombies (sorry, people affected by "infectious parasitic worms"). Along the way, they'll engage in tactical shooty-shoots, level up, complete quests, collect weapons and equipment, and generally kill lots of zombies. Because DEADline, y'see? DEADline. DEAD. The announcement says it also "adds real-time strategy elements to the tactical combat," though that term's used nowadays to refer to everything from real-time combat to base-building to so who even knows?

Having never played the original Breach & Clear, I'll refer you to dear Parko's Eurogamer review of the iOS version, which he found fun but unfinished at launch. That last part will apply to DEADline (DEADline) too, as it's arriving via Steam Early Access this autumn. It'll cost $19.99. It seems this one's only for Windows, Mac, and Linux, not pocket telephones at all.

Here's the plan: don't get eaten by zombies.

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Breach & Clear: Deadline

PC, Mac

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