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Brian Fargo Turning To Kickstarter For Wasteland 2

At this rate, everybody will soon see their favourite developer starting some kicks or kicking some starters. Brian Fargo, creator of Wasteland, the game that launched a thousand Fallouts, has espied the queue of well-regarded figures approaching their adoring audience cap in hand and is now seeking a cap of his own. It'll be a comically large bit of headwear as he wants to cram at least a million dollars into it, which is the estimated cost of funding a Wasteland sequel. The game would be a PC release, with, according to the man's own Twittertalk, a "complete old school vibe and made with input from gamers. Made the gamers way." The gamers way often involves eating Wotsits until dawn but perhaps there are other ways and other gamers?

Eurogamer reckon that the million dollar Kickstarter campaign is set to begin next month and Fargo is certainly keen: "You will find a happy game designer if this method of game financing works out." Judging by the number of veterans now considering the route, aware of audience demand and willingness to trust in a name and pedigree, we could have a lot of happy game designers on our hands. Hopefully that will create lots of happy gamers. I'm going to start moisturising these calloused appendages in anticipation of carting around so many joyous folk.

As for me, I'm hoping a Kickstarter for a sequel to Wolf (and I'm discounting Lion and WolfQuest) is just around the corner.

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