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Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead's strange shambling crossover is out now

Even zombies need bridges, eh?

I'll be honest, I'm not sure what the connection between these two franchises is. But if developers ClockStone have proven themselves good at anything, building bridges has gotta be up there. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead's undead spin on the studio's crossing-builder is out now, tasking you with ferrying Norman Reedus and co. to safety while funneling undead hordes to their overdue demise.

This is weird, right? But then I've never seen or read The Walking Dead, so who knows - maybe I missed the arc where the gang gets real into physics puzzles.

Bridge Constructor, shockingly, is a series about creating physics-based bridges with planks and supports of various materials, taking care not to (or willfully encouraging) push too much weight on any one component lest the whole thing come crashing down. So it goes here, 'cept you're helping the stars of AMC's telly series drive "iconic vehicles" across precarious post-apocalyptic city gaps.

You can't really have The Walking Dead without the walking dead, though. Hordes of zombies bring a new aspect to Bridge Constructor's puzzles, and you'll be using various traps to lure shamblers into dead-ends and traps while keeping your survivors safe from their clammy grasp.

It's not the first time ClockStone have done this sorta tie-in, mind. That honour goes to Bridge Constructor: Portal, which was actually pretty damn good at adding Valve's catalogue of slime, turrets, and spatially-compressed momentum puzzles to the wobbly construction puzzle (even if it wasn't quite as good at carrying Portal's staggeringly good writing).

"I won’t lie, the ratio of Ugly Donkey Laugh: Exhaling Out Your Nose to gentle smile isn’t anywhere near that found in its first-person cousins," Brendy wrote in his Bridge Constructor: Portal review. "I’m willing to forgive that, however, and be happy with the sight of stickmen falling off the back of their forklifts whenever I make a bridge that unexpectedly falls to bits, especially when I send multiple forklifts in a convoy – the true test for any bridge."

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is out now on Steam for 10% off at £7.19/€8.99/$8.99 - with an extra 10% off if you're a Bridge Constructor veteran.

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Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

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