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Brief Karate Foolish will fulfill your dream of fighting as a half-nude Japanese man

First of all, discard reason. Everything is from then!

The motto of Brief Karate Foolish [official site] ran through Google Translate is: "First of all, discard reason. Everything is from then!" This free "super real match fighting game," is all about the majesty and grace of brief-wearing Japanese men fighting to the death for a mystical pair of black briefs. That sounds like a typical Friday night for me, only I'd prefer to wear a unicorn head to top off the ensemble.

The fantastic cast of unique characters brings Brief Karate Foolish to life. B. Zoro, the wearer of the Black Briefs, hosts a fighting competition every 10 years. During the contest, his all-powerful Black Briefs are up for grabs, and anyone who is mighty enough to beat him may lay claim to them. I hope his name is B. Zoro because he "be Zorro." Please, Brief Karate Foolish gods.

Each fighter has their own particular style, and like most reputable fighting games, the action moves at 60fps for ultimate precision. Brief Karate Foolish is mostly in Japanese, with English in the most important spots (and a bit of Spanish at the beginning of each match for some reason.) Don't let the language barrier intimidate you, because this is one of the rare video games where it actually enhances the game.

The official game website describes Brief Karate Foolish as: "a fighting game that nice guy who was wearing briefs fight. There is no technique to describe it more accurately."

These super nice buddies nice guys are a sight to behold, and since the game is free on Steam, you really have nothing to lose. Please see the mystery of Brief Karate extended out using the whole body.

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