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New vehicles stomp, roll, and hover into Brigador


A new update and a sale is news exciting enough for a game as fun as Brigador [official site], but this is just a teaser for more to come. Brigador developers Stellar Jockeys have announced that they'll "re-launch" the isometric tactical mech action game in June with a big update that'll add a new intro campaign along with even more vehicles and more. Even at launch, in June 2016, it was good stuff -- read Wot Alec Thought -- so this is all great news.

First! Over the weekend, Stellar Jockeys released the 'Design Bureau' update with three new vehicles (a mech, a tank, and an anti-grav vehicle) and a bucketload of balance tweaks. To celebrate this small launch, Brigador is on sale on Steam, down to £10.49/13,49€/$14.99. New vehicles have arrived in other free updates before too.

But the best is yet to come, cyberchums. Here's what Stellar Jockeys say to expect on June 2nd from the update big enough that they're calling it a "re-launch":

  • A new intro campaign
  • New pilots and playable vehicles
  • Achievements
  • Complete rebalance of difficulty to better ease in new players
  • Localization to German, Russian, Japanese, French, Spanish, & Brazilian Portuguese
  • A few more things we're keeping secret for now

Brigador, to refresh your memory, is a bit like Syndicate meets Desert Strike. In the grim future, you are a revolutionary stomping (or driving, hovering, sneaking...) around the city of Solo Nobre to topple The Man's men. This largely involves explosions and destruction but its many vehicles and weapons do open a lot of different tactical opportunities. Good stuff.

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