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Brigitte arrives in competitive Overwatch

Ready, aim, squire

Got the spelling right in the end. Overwatch, aka the shooter you haven’t thought about for months but suddenly decided to text last night when you were drunk, has kicked off its tenth season of competitive play, this time with added Swedishness. Brigitte, the recently-added flail-wielding support squire, will be there. She’s been in the vanilla game for over a month but this is her first outing into the more cross-looking combat zone of competitive. However, the upcoming Italian map won’t join her. Not yet, anyway.

The map, Rialto, won’t be added to competitive mode just yet, says Blizzard. It’s coming to the everyday muckabout modes tomorrow, after a stint in the ol’ test server (not to mention its PvE origins as part of the Retribution event). And it is planned to be thrown into the competitive mix at some point, with a future patch, but the studio first wants players to have “plenty of time to learn how to play with the new map.”

The Blizzfolk also add that the first competitive season of the 6v6 Elimination mode hasn’t been ousted from the menus with the arrival of their 10th competitive murderfest. But it will end soon – on May 7. So if you want a taste of elimination, you’re on the clock buddy.

I haven’t touched Overwatch for a while and I keep promising myself to go back, to pick up my old hammer or turret or magical-auto-killing-ray-gun, but what if I can't kill good anymore? What if I've lost my touch? Maybe I’ll wait until Blizzo give Symmetra that massive overhaul they’ve been promising. Roll into a fight and wipe out the enemy team with some white hot science. Yeah. That’s what I’ll do.

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